Trainer … and youth protection

Today’s news coverage of the failure of the national governing body of gymnastics in the US to adequately protect youth athletes from sexual abuse is profoundly disturbing. This is the latest in a series of such failures that irrevocably damage the word “coach.”

Our adult nationally certified professional staff undergo biennial background checks of criminal and predators databases by the industry gold standard sports screening service selected by our national governing body, USA Fencing. All our professional staff complete United States Olympic Committee mandated SafeSport youth protection training every two years. We have and follow established policies to insure the safety of young fencers. We encourage parental attendance at our classes. All communications with youth fencers are through, or include copies to, their parents. And we have an open communication policy encouraging anyone with concerns about the safety of their child to immediately bring it to our attention.

Please use either the appropriate professional title for our staff (Assistant Moniteur, Moniteur, Prevot, or Maitre) or, as a collective term, “trainer,” a European term with long association with fencing. We prefer not to be known as coaches.

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