Pre-Competition Checklist

(1) Register for the competition – for division and regional competitions (club sponsored; Virginia and other Division sponsored opens, age group, qualifiers, championships; Regional Youth Circuit, Super Youth Circuit, Regional Open Circuit, and Regional Junior and Cadet Circuit) go to FRED, for national competitions (North American Cups, Junior Olympics, Summer Nationals)  go to USA Fencing.  Be sure to register before any fee deadlines (which may be as much as 6 weeks in advance of the event – even regional and some division level events now have entry deadlines).  Many tournaments now require payment online on registering – do so.

(2) If you are a non-competitive member entering your first competition, go to USA Fencing and upgrade your membership to Competitive.  Print out a temporary membership card from your account.

(3) At least one week in advance, use the Tournament Entered form (below)  to alert staff that you will be entering the competition and to request any equipment that you might need from our armory.

(4) Make sure you have the following equipment:

  • 3 weapons – weight and shim tested as appropriate, tape in good condition for foils
  • 3 body cords – tested
  • 3 mask cords (foil and sabre) – tested
  • appropriate wrench or key to tighten pommel
  • screw driver to tighten point screws (epee)
  • mask (electric bib for foil, electric mask for sabre, normal mask for epee) – clean and in good repair
  • lame (foil and sabre) – clean and in good repair
  • fencing jacket – clean and in good repair
  • underarm protector
  • for women – chest protector (optional for men)
  • Salle uniform T shirt
  • glove (sabre fencers must have a FIE homologated glove) – clean and in good repair
  • knickers – clean and in good repair
  • for men – cup (optional)
  • knee length stockings – clean and in good repair
  • fencing shoes
  • fencing bag
  • towel
  • water bottle
  • energy snacks
  • USA Fencing membership card
  • B-1 Salle Green LLC Meet Log
  • pen

(5) The night before, empty the normal load from your fencing bag, wipe down the inside of the bag, and load your equipment using the checklist above.  Leave everything in one place where you will not forget anything when you leave for the event.


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