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Ezine Articles Diamond Expert AuthorEZINE ARTICLES:

We have a large volume of material bout fencing at Ezine Articles (last count 153 articles).  This year we are starting to update old and publish new articles  to ensure that our material stays current and relevant.  For the first time we are going to start arranging the articles by categories, with the objective of finally using them as the basis for a book centered on coaching fencing.  Feel free to browse the older articles (feedback is welcomed).  The following titles are 2016 articles with the new categories we will be using in the future.

  1. Fencing Theory: Stability and Instability
  2. Fencing Technique: Takings of the Blade

Tumblr 10 Post ClubTUMBLR POSTS:

We use Tumblr for short blog posts that capture interesting thoughts from classes, open fencing, or individual lessons, or from general discussion in the Salle and reading.  These are not completely polished ideas, and are published to stimulate your thought and discussion.  Feedback is always appreciated, and good ideas may be worked into updated posts.  And yes, we are sort of traditionalists as to what a blog is and recognize that our posts definitely are outliers in the Tumblr community.  But it is such a good tool for what we need it to be …

  1. Fencers – Always have a Plan
  2. The Problem with Lefties
  3. Why take a Coaching Exam
  4. Learning a new Skill
  5. Why do Classical in a Modern Fencing Club?
  6. Fencers – Do Laps?
  7. Tactical Drills
  8. About Watching Fencing
  9. Opposition – A Good Idea
  10. Narrow or Wide



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