The Virtual Salle

The Virtual Salle is a key part of what we do at Salle Green.  In an ideal world every fencer could spend time every day in the Salle – but school, work, family, and other obligations all intrude to make that impossible for many.  The Virtual Salle includes key reference materials and provides a hub for our members to do training and competition related activities online when time is available using services on this website and a variety of other Internet services that support our training programs.


THE SALLE BLOG – each week we post a reading to provide background information for the week’s classes and lessons.  This allows the instructor for the class to focus on application rather than on setting the stage with explanation and discussion, providing more time for foot and bladework and less time spent talking.  Every student is responsible for reading the week’s blog entry before class or lesson.  Blog categories and latest posts are available in the column on the right of this page – the blog entry for the week is the item with the highest number.  The first two digits are the year, second two the month, and last two the first day of the training week (for example, 160221 Compound Attacks is the Blog post for the week starting Sunday, February 21st, 2016).

GLOSSARY – a living glossary of fencing terms, restricted to 140 characters, and intended to provide quick, easily remembered definitions that capture the key elements of meaning of a wide variety of fencing terms.

CATECHISM – a series of questions and answers used to teach key knowledge about fencing.

TRAINING DIARY – athletes in virtually every sport maintain training diaries to record their activities, track progress and identify problems, and help them achieve their goals.  We use the online tracker function of the Presidents Challenge as our training diary.  The President’s Challenge is a well established and popular training activity of the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition.  Fencers desiring a more detailed training diary should contact Maitre Green for a supply of the pen and paper training diary the Salle prints as a form.

SALLE COMPETITIONS – Salle Green hosts a regular schedule of internal competitions for training for our competitive fencers and to provide recreational competition opportunities for our recreational fencers.  These competitions are held in conjunction with regularly scheduled classes or open fencing sessions.  Each competition has its own unique set of rules.

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