The Library

Library Box

Nathaniel Ewell Fencing Development Program library box

Through the generous work of the Nathaniel Ewell Fencing Development Program, we now have a small lending library.  In the library box you will find a growing selection of books related to fencing, including novels, biographies, fencing manuals, applicable books from other combat sports, and general fitness books.  The books are on loan from members of the Salle for your reading pleasure or for serious study of our sport.

How does this work?  If you want to borrow a book, contact Maitre Green, Prevot Logan, Assistant Moniteur Vegas, Dede, Brian, or Len.  In the box we have a card file.  Fill out the name of the book on the top line of a file card, put your name below it, and the date you borrowed it.  The book is now your responsibility for the next two weeks.  Return it on time.  If we have to, we will assess late fees.  If the book is returned damaged or you do not return it within one month, we will bill you the price of replacing it.  Again, these books are on loan from other members – treat them better than you treat your own books.

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