Summer Specials

This summer we will offer three special classes.  First some programming notes – the last date for our regular Tuesday Open Fencing is 27 June.  We will be closed on 4 July.

Starting Tuesday 11 July at 7pm – THE ART OF THE DUEL – a four week introduction to dueling in the late 1800s and early 1900s, covering the protocol of the insult, the negotiation of the duel, the technique of the epee du combat, and the tactics of the fight.

Starting Saturday 8 July – time to be announced – TSUE KAKUTO CANE – the use of the combat cane for self-defense.  Tsue Kakuto combines elements of Japanese and European fencing with attacks on pressure points in an effective defensive system.

Starting Saturday 8 July – time to be announced – GERMAN LONGSWORD STUDY GROUP – examining the work of the Medieval and Renaissance Fencing Masters in Germany based on step by step examination of period texts.  This is not a class in preparation for modern historical tournament fighting.  Participation requires HEMAA membership and demonstration of the ability to control the weapon safely.

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