Statement on Respect for Fencers from Other Nations

A statement of Salle Green’s policy on respect to fencers from other nations:

Recent comments attributed to the current President of the United States about other countries in terms of human waste excretion do not represent the beliefs and values of Salle Green and its Maitre d’Armes, Prevot, and other professional trainers. Today the Federation Internationale d’Escrime has 31 member federations in Africa, 33 in the Americas, 43 in Asia, and 45 in Europe. The fencers of these nations are our brothers and sisters in arms, regardless of national politics, race, religion, ethnicity, ability or disability, etc. We value what they bring to our sport, we value the work their federations do to promote and improve fencing, and we value the support their governments give them in competing internationally. Every fencer, everywhere who stands on the piste, sword in hand, ready to be measured against others and does so with courage, honor, and sportsmanship deserves and will receive our respect.

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