Salle Team Championships Teams

Ribbons for Salle competitionWe have 9 fencers fencing in the Salle Team Championships.  Assignment to teams was scrambled to provide 1 fencer seeded first in a weapon, 1 fencer seeded second in a weapon, and 1 fencer seeded third in a weapon to each team.  Assigned teams are based on the traditional names for our Teams from the Salle’s colors:

GREEN: Foil – Mark, Sabre – Dede, Epee – Walter

BLACK: Foil – Frank, Sabre – Nate, Epee – Sean

SILVER: Foil – Fred, Sabre – Janie, Epee – Grace

Foil and sabre are fenced for the best of 5 touches, and Epee for one touch (double hit allowed).  Winning team scores best of 11 touches.  Bout order is at the discretion of the Captain of the team that wins the coin toss for each match.  In the event of a tie a single touch in the last weapon fenced will decide.  Bouts will be fenced first preference on Sunday Open Fencing, second preference at Tuesday Open Fencing.


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