Salle 3 Weapon Team Championships

Medal winners at the Salle 3 Weapon Championships

Medal Winners at the Salle 3 Weapon Team Championships.

Our 3 Weapon Team Championships were competed for the first time since 2010 at Open Fencing on 17 May.  The format for each team was one bout each in foil, epee, and sabre with foil and sabre being for the best of 5 touches each and epee for a single hit.  The three teams, named for the colors and metal of the Salle’s coat of arms, were Green (Mark Logan – foil, Walter Green – epee, and Dede Deane – sabre), Silver (Fred Vegas – foil, Grace Larmee – epee, and Janie Engel – sabre), and Black (Frank Markham – foil, Sean Moore – epee, and Nate Letteri – sabre).  The results of the individual matches were:

  • Black vs. Silver – Black 5-4
  • Green vs. Black – Green 6-2
  • Green vs. Silver – Green 6-4

Overall results were:

  • 1st Place – Green, 2 victories, 12 touches scored, 6 touches received.
  • 2nd Place – Black, 1 victory, 1 defeat, 7 touches scored, 10 touches received.
  • 3rd Place – Silver, 2 defeats, 8 touches scored, 11 touches received.

The room was full of a lot of energy.  Fencers new to team captain duties had the chance to try out the role and make choices about their team’s fencing order.  Fencers definitely fenced their best games with an intensity we do not see in regular practice pool bouts.  Because this event is fenced under rules from the 1930s, we fenced it dry, and everyone had a chance to experience judging and the difficulty of seeing touches.  Referees got to experience the frustration of “no, no” when they knew the touch landed, or “abstain, abstain” when they were unsure themselves.  The general consensus is that the single day format is a better one than our present model of allowing fencers to fence the bouts in Salle tournaments over a period of time, and we will test one day events for the rest of this calendar year.  This was a definite success, and if you did not sign up to fence on a team you missed something worthwhile.


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