What Type of Lesson?

What type of lesson is right for you as a fencer?  The Salle teaches 5 types of lessons, and picking the right one, or mix of lessons, might seem a confusing task.

GROUP LESSONS:  one hour in length, with warm-up and conditioning, instruction and drills in the lesson topic, bouting (typically fencing a complete pool), and debriefing at the end of each lesson, for 3 to 8 fencers.

INDIVIDUAL LESSONS: focused lessons 20-30 minutes in length with one fencer working with one coach.  These are more intense than group lessons, and are designed for the competitive fencer.

TEAM TRAINING:  a one hour group lesson focused on common issues for competitive athletes with a mix of conditioning, skill specific work, teamwork, and tactical and mental training, ranging from high physical to high mental workloads.

5 MINUTE LESSONS: moderate (recreational and less experienced fencers) to intense work (experienced competitors) by one fencer with one coach on one skill with the associated footwork designed to provide maximum repetitions of the skill.

3 MINUTE LESSONS: very intense, high movement, lesson simulating a bout to work on one offensive and one defensive or counteroffensive set of techniques for the experienced competitor.

If you are a child under 10, our primary program is a once a week epee Group Lesson in our Musketeer program.  Young fencers who develop quickly and who want to compete, can join our classes for teenage and adult fencers on a case by case basis.

If you are a beginner, recreational fencer, starting to think about competing, or you enter only one or two competitions a year, your primary lessons should be Group Lessons.  We offer two group classes a week in each weapon, giving you conditioning, instruction, and bouting spaced at least one day apart to maximize learning.

If you are a competitive fencer who fences regularly in youth (Youth 10, Youth 12, Youth 14, Cadet, and Junior), senior (Divisions 3, 2, and 1), or veteran events, you should be taking Group and Individual Lessons, 5 Minute and 3 Minute Lessons, and attending weekly Team Training.

Several additional points worth thinking about:

… every fencer can profit from a 5 Minute Lesson.

… each week we have a lesson theme for the week.  The Salle blog, accessed through the windows with a title starting with 6 digits at the bottom of our frontpage, highlights that theme and provides important background for your classes.  Each group class covers the theme, and all individual and 5 minute lessons focus on the theme.  If you take 2 group lessons in your weapon, an individual lesson, two 5 minute lessons from different coaches in Sunday Open Fencing and 1 in Tuesday Open Fencing, you have six lessons on the weekly topic.  This system is designed to maximize your training.

… we have an annual training plan.  The current month and next two month’s are posted on the bulletin board on the fencing floor.  Competitive fencers should regularly check the training schedule, and work with the coaching staff to make adaptations as needed to ensure training macro and mesocycles support their competitive goals.

… your lessons should be tied to your goals for fencing as your sport.  Talk with our coaching staff to make sure you make the right selections.


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