Fencing Primary Course

We teach a four week fundamentals course in four one hour sessions to introduce you to our sport. This course is designed to move you from beginner into one of our Intermediate classes as quickly as possible, while giving you a solid grounding in one of the fencing weapons, foil, epee, or sabre:

  • fencing safety
  • the basic guard position
  • footwork
  • the simple attacks
  • the simple parries and ripostes
  • counterattacks
  • basic tactics

In this course we offer a choice of whether you wish to learn the foil, epee, or sabre – after the first class you pick one in which to train, and work with that weapon for the next three sessions. At the end of the second session, you will fence your first bout against an instructor.

Classes are scheduled on demand – if you want to learn to fence, we will start as soon as you want to start. This means class size is small, typically one or two students, and you get direct personal attention. Contact us to schedule your class, using either our enrolment form below or by telephone to 804-798-7744.

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    We supply all equipment that you will need for the class. You should come dressed in clothes in which you can move comfortably and wearing a relatively flat soled an athletic shoe, such as a cross trainer, jogging shoes, etc.

    Our insurance requires that every individual who fences at Salle Green join USA Fencing, the national governing body of our sport. We will ask you to complete an application for non-competitive membership on your first day of the Beginners’ Class. Membership provides one benefit – secondary accident and injury insurance coverage. This is not included in the cost of the Beginners’ Class; you may either pay the $10 membership fee through the Salle or complete the non-competitive membership online at USA Fencing’s website.

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