During the COVID-19 pandemic our training has moved online on Zoom. The Virginia Governor’s Phase III guidelines (our current phase of reopening) require that athletes and trainers maintain 10 foot social distance. This prevents actual fencing anywhere in Virginia. However, it is not just a matter of complying with Guidelines. Due to continued significant rates of infection in Virginia, Salle Green is prioritizing protection of the lives of our students and trainers over the pleasure of being able to actively fence. We do continue to offer a full fencing program on Zoom with the following classes:

Footwork for Point Weapons and for Sabre – Saturday mornings for modern fencers.

Bladework for all weapons – Wednesday evening for modern fencers.

Sunday Seminar – detailed discussions of technique, tactics, and doctrine.

Introduction to Classical Fencing – Tuesday evening.

Fencing for Beginners – a four session program by appointment.

Monthly Coaching Clinics – United States Fencing Coaches Association clinics to prepare to teach and train modern fencers, North American Mangiarotti Society clinics to prepare to teach Mangiarotti’s technique, etc.

Our regular scheduled classes are short (30 minutes) but conducted at a higher intensity so that we cover as much material and as many repetitions as in a regular class. We can’t score touches on each other, but we are using this time to smooth technique, to improve synchronization of actions, to practice tactical combinations, and to work on mental skills. It is not fencing as you knew it, but it is still fencing.

We will return to regular in-person classes when guidelines, the rate of infections and positivity rate, and the availability of a safe and effective vaccine make it safe to do so.