Congratulations to New Certified Coaches

Fencing coaches planning lessons

Assistant Moniteur candidates planning their group lessons

On 25 June we hosted a United States Fencing Coaches Association Assistant Moniteur Clinic in the Salle.  This one day clinic is part of the USFCA National Training Program and is designed to prepare entry level coaches to pass their first professional examination.  Candidates must complete a written knowledge examination, followed by a practical examination teaching a beginning level lesson in front of a USFCA Head Examiner.

We are proud to announce that the following Salle Green members are now certified as Assistant Moniteurs:  John Fugman, Alex Stubblefield, and Evan Zook.  We especially want to thank Evan Stubblefield for being willing to participate in the course and serve as our candidates’ student.  We chose a picture of the candidates working on their lesson plans, instead of blade in hand, to make an important point that lesson planning is a critical part of the duties of a professional fencing coach – the lessons John, Alex, Evan, and Evan prepared were among the best planned the Examiner had seen.

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