All-Academic Team 2015-2016

The deadline for USA Fencing All-Academic Team Honors applications is 6 May. The description of the program is on USA Fencing’s websiteIf you (1) have fenced in a tournament for us this year, (2) are in high school, and (3) have an average of 3.5-3.69 (Honorable Mention), 3.7-3.84 (Second Team), or 3.85-4.0 (First Team), start working on your application packet now.   It takes some time to assemble the recommendation letters and other documentation required.  Salle Green has had 3 First Team All-Academic Team fencers (2009-2010 Brett Colbert, 2011-2012 Greer Sanders, and 2014-2015 David Dimmett). We believe that is the record number of First Team fencers for a Virginia fencing club. This year David Dimmett is still eligible, and we would like to have at least two First Team members.

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