Our Services

A fencing program should provide more than just a room in which to come and fence.  Our services have evolved over the years into a comprehensive package that can meet the needs of any competitive or recreational fencer:

  • Professional coaching staff certified by the US Fencing Coaches Association – Maitre d’Armes, Prevot d’Epee, Assistant Moniteur – all current in Safe Sport for youth protection
  • At least three opportunities to fence each week: 2 group classes, and one open fencing session with the option for individual lessons.
  • Five minute technical training or 3 minute tactical lessons at any Open Fencing session.
  • Individual lessons for serious competitive fencers.
  • Team training – a one hour conditioning and development session each Sunday.
  • Seven club tournaments a year, each one designed to meet specific training objectives.
  • Solo training program of graduated exercise to develop speed, strength, and technique during the season.
  • Resistance training program to develop strength.
  • Pan American Fencing Academy Skill Development program – a five level program for teenage and adult fencers and a four step program for fencers under age 10 providing a roadmap for developing technical skill and tactical ability.
  • Detailed performance analysis of USA Fencing tournament results.
  • Tracking of division, regional, and national points earned in competition.
  • A scouting system with information on over 1000 fencers our fencers have fenced.
  • Trained strip coaches to support our competitors.
  • For those who use our equipment, a clean jacket every day, a mask and a glove that only you use, equipment maintained to the highest standard of safety and cleanliness.
  • Dry (non-electric) fencing for maximum practice bouts, combined with up to three electric strips for competition preparation.
  • A complete pool fenced in every class.
  • All lessons are lesson planned as part of an annual periodized training schedule, with records maintained daily of fencer progress.
  • Detailed tracking of every bout a fencer fences in our facility to identify performance trends.
  • Video analysis of practice bouts and regular review of major tournament video coverage.
  • Armory services to ensure your weapons are competition ready .
  • Salle blog with background information on each week’s lesson.
  • Regular communication with members – daily Facebook and Twitter posting of our schedule, fencing terms, and training tips and frequent newsletters (Thrust and Cut and Remise) with competition schedules, fencing news, recognition, etc.
  • Coaching training for selected individuals interested in a career in fencing.
  • Recommendations for college and active support of USA Fencing’s All-Academic Team program.

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